2023 Quilt fundraiser

April 1, 2023 @ 12:00AM — June 10, 2023 @ 6:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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Win this beautiful homemade quilt!

Our mission is to provide low cost spaying and neutering of dogs and cats. The amounts we charge do not cover our costs so we rely on donations and fundraisers to support us.

Support our voiceless Amigos

This amazing quilt was lovingly made by Sarah Zink, a master quilter and wonderful supporter of Amigos de Animales. Please help support our organization and win a quilt that will be a treasured addition to any home. The quilt measures approximately 37.5 inches wide by 38.5 inches long of pure cuteness. Each $10 donation gets you 3 tickets. ***

*** Will be shipped for free anywhere in Panamá, US or Canada.

Why we rely on fundraisers and donations:

Amigos de Animales was started in 2005 as a direct response to a need in the Boquete community. At the time, there were packs of street dogs and feral cats roaming the streets and there was no access to, or information about, sterilization for these animals.

Through April 2023 we have spayed or neutered 24,744 animals – 12,968 dogs and 11,776 cats. The impact on the health of animals and humans is measurable. Rarely does one see packs of starving, fighting dogs roaming through the streets of Boquete, as one might see in other small towns throughout Central America. This has greatly enhanced the relative livability and safety of our community at large.

In 2022 we raised the price charged to $20 per dog and $10 per cat, but no one is turned away from the clinics for inability to pay.

We raised the amounts we pay the vets to $15 per dog and $8 per cat.

Our actual costs (including the above increases) are over $25 per animal spayed or neutered. At a typical clinic of 250 animals we will be short over $3,000. We rely on fundraising to make up the difference.

Also, since the pandemic started, we have been purchasing dog and cat food at a cost of about $1,300 per month. We have been distributing this food to local families through the government and our collectors.

A $10 donation helps cover the cost of feeding a dog or a cat for a month, and $25 covers the cost of sterilizing one animal.

Your contribution is vital to our cause of decreasing the population of street dogs and cats in our area and reducing the number of unwanted and abandoned animals. Donating will help us continue our services and good work in Boquete and the surrounding area.

We have created a U.S. not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, Amigos de Animales, Inc. Your donation will go to it and should be eligible as a charitable contribution.

Please help us towards achieving our goal of sterilizing at least 75% of the dogs and cats in Boquete and the surrounding areas. Support our voiceless Amigos - click on the “Purchase” button above. Thank you for your support!

$745 raised by 19 people


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